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Find on this page an aid to the use of XploreBIO.

The portal

What are the features of the portal?

As a portal, XploreBIO allows you to search through multiple engines, to access different levels of information categorized according to a site-specific referential (some information requires XploreBIO account), contact other entities (XploreBIO account), register among stakeholders of the network and receive contact requests.

Who manages the portal?

XploreBIO is managed by Bioeconomy For Change, at the initiative of this portal.

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Where will my data be displayed?

Your data will be displayed in the Search sections of the site where the concerned entities appear as a thumbnail and on the entity profile.
Each entity profile has two levels of information:

  • a section corresponding to public data, open access for all,
  • a section corresponding to more detailed data, accessible only via a XploreBIO account.

Depending on your entity's location, membership or non-membership to Bioeconomy For Change (B4C), your public data will also be displayed on the following websites:

Who has the right to register?

Any entity active in the field of bioeconomy can register on the portal: solution provider, users, economic, academic, institutional stakeholders.

How is the registration process going?

Registration is based on a multi-step form, which takes an average of 15 minutes to complete.
Once provided, the data must be validated by the XploreBIO team, before your entity is registered on the site.

How long are the registrations validated?

The XploreBIO team performs a manual verification of registration requests within 48 hours, guaranteeing the quality of the data.

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Connecting to an account

How do I connect?

To sign in, you need to create an account and to register your entity in the tool.

Get my password back ?

There is a password recovery procedure via the email address used to create your account.

How do I get the management of a profile that I don't have an account of?

We invite you to get closer to the XploreBIO team in order to identify and contact the person in charge of account management within the entity concerned.

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